NASA Astronaut Reveals How She Shampoos Hair in Space

Megan McArthur, a NASA astronaut, offered a detailed step-by-step procedure for washing hair in space.

In response to the interesting topic of how astronauts living in space manage to carry out their everyday tasks with almost no or very little gravity. McArthur of NASA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration provides a footage from the International Space Station (ISS) to show how astronauts shampoo their hair in space.

When in space, McArthur has revealed a step-by-step procedure for washing her hair in microgravity. With the help of a pouch of water, she began by soaking her hair. She sprayed her scalp with water and wrapped her hair in a towel to prevent water droplets from spreading across the area in zero gravity.

She next combs her hair to distribute water throughout it, then applies shampoo and combs it again. She uses a towel to cover her hair after applying the shampoo and rinsing it with very little water. She completes the process by straightening her hair.

The astronauts used a no-rinse shampoo, which means it doesn’t need to be washed off with water. Over 41k people have seen the video. Hundreds of comments have been left amused by the procedure.

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