Squid Game’s Park Hae-soo to Star in ‘Money Heist’

The two most popular international shows on Netflix, Korean drama Squid Game and Spanish-language series La Casa de Papel or Money Heist, are soon to have something in common. Money Heist’s fifth and final season is rapidly approaching, and there have been a slew of fresh details, the most recent of which is some major casting news. Park Hae-soo, a popular South Korean actor who was last seen in Squid Game as a teal tracksuit-clad player, will star in the upcoming Korean adaptation of Money Heist. He’s now officially a member of the Dali gang!

According to Netflix, the actor has been appointed in the role of Berlin, which was formerly played by Pedro Alonso. For the uninitiated, Netflix revealed last year that Money Heist would be adapted into a K-drama. Kim Hong-sun, who has directed episodes such as Black, The Guest, and Voice, among others, will direct the series. Ryu Yong-jae and the writing team behind hit K-dramas like My Holo Love will be joining him.

Park Hae-soo was already a prominent name in the Korean entertainment business before the triumph of Squid Game, having worked on the iconic K-drama Prison Playbook. In the upcoming show, his portrayal of Andrés “Berlin” de Fonollosa will be fascinating to watch.

Yoo ji Tae, who will play Professor in the Korean translation of Money Heist, is among the rest of the cast. Tokyo is played by Jeon Jong Seo, Rio is played by Park Jung-woo, Nairobi is played by Jang Yoon Ju, Helsinki is played by Kim Ji Hun, Denver is played by Kim Ji Hun, Moscow is played by Lee Won Jong, and Oslo is played by Lee Kyu Ho. Seon Woo Jin will play Raquel on the Task Force Team, while Park Myung-hoon will play Cho Youngmin, who is the hostage equivalent of Arturo.

The flurry of new information isn’t all awful for Pedro Alonso fans. In 2023, the actor will star in his own Berlin spin-off film. He’s not ready to put his mask away just yet.

Money Heist will be adapted into a 12-episode Korean television series that will air on Netflix. Meanwhile, lex Pina’s Spanish-language original is nearing to an end, with the final season launching on December 3, 2021.

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